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Sex has never been the same. It has evolved through the years – special thanks to escorts in Toronto . What used to be cool a few years ago might have become a lost art today. But something interesting and cool is going all the time, and you cannot risk to miss it. Although there are a lot of things that are going around all the time, you can expect a few to turn heads all around. We bring you The Five Most Hot And Happening Trends In Sex You Must Know About.

Cuckolding refers to the practice of the man watching his partner make love to another man. The man who is watching is referred to as the cuckold. This has been in much debate in the recent times and has gained quite some popularity in the recent times. The other person engaging with the woman is known as the bull.

Swinging refers to the practice of swapping partners with another couple. People who engage in it call it the lifestyle. People typically go out to parties or clubs where these types of activities are arranged and then they choose out a suitable couple with whom they want to do it and then the real fun ensues.

Ever since Fifty Shades Of Grey came out, BDSM has seen a much renewed enthusiasm. Not only has it become popular, but it has also shed the stigma which had been earlier attached to it. Now you can freely ask your partner about your fetishes and your dreams, and chances are, your partner would willingly cooperate.

Polyamory or Poly as it is commonly called in dating terms is an arrangement where a person is in a relationship with more than one person simultaneously. You get to enjoy the intimacy of more than one person without having to be traditionally attached to any single person.

Cuckqueaning is just the gender wise opposite of cuckolding, its just that instead of the guy, the woman is in a restrained position, and the guy makes love to another woman. The guy’s partner, originally expected to watch, can also engage in intercourse, only after the woman has been done. The lines between cuckqueaning and FFM threesome are somewhat blurred. The girl can use a friend or hire an escort.

We hope you might want to experiment with something mentioned in this list pretty soon.


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